Water Clock Mission Update and 2019 plans.

I hate New Year’s. I have a friend in Malaysia who hates the Chinese New Year for the same reason I hate New Year’s in the States. The freakin noise. Southerners here love firecrackers and they started at sundown and went on all night. It’s not fair–I don’t party or drink but I don’t sleep all night and I have a headache all the next day.

Plans to have full translation of  a few pages of the happy ending of WBDS original official novelization (I think my novelization endings are better) up sometime this Spring (seriously, a final battle between Chun and Woon in which Chun has no false redemption and then Dong-soo and Woon running hand in hand in an open field? Oh my goodnesssssss!) and to have some fandom speculative essay up–the script was changed, changed, changed. I know that now. I’m so pissy about it, and ha, you know me. WordPress is for ranting. I need to calm down and give a more reasonable review with sourced material from my school-marmy perspective, though.

It seems many of you liked your holiday gift of the last chapter. LOL. I had to change the story rating, but I’m not sorry. I have the story plotted out, and it’s still going the way I want unless someone else pipes up and twists my arm for favors. I’m easily persuaded by candies and art. I’m serious.

So I wrote the new chapter.


Woon’s perspective this time. It seems that Dong-soo’s interactions with Seo-jun in the future result in confusing the original timeline. Woon’s battle with Chun is very different now.

The Water Clock Mission Chapter Eight: Don’t Interfere, Baek Dong-soo

And I drew some arts over the holidays. I also practiced Korean but promptly forgot everything I learned.

Red Thread by debbiechan

Dead Woonie. Sorry.  I wasn’t happy over the holidays.

Then I remembered I was the plushie good-will ambassador of fandom and drew him alive.

Plushie Ambassador of Good Will by debbiechan

A Hundred Times  by debbiechan

The poem is by a Korean martyr of 14th century. 이몸이 죽고 죽어 일백 번 고쳐 죽어
Should this body die and die again a hundred times over. Because I can’t help myself with poetry. I studied it and it’s my thing. I am compelled to save Woon over and over, because even if I can’t burn the bad ending of WBDS (or all the dumb plotholes), I can write over it so the ending is less visible–less clear–from my compulsive marks all over it.

A cheery Yoo Seung-ho. I’m not enjoying his new drama, My Strange Hero. I think the call-outs to Yeo Woon were so obvious, I got miffed. Then I got bored because most rom coms bore me. YSH isn’t Woon. I like him bunches but he isn’t Woon.

Want Some? by debbiechan

And a drawing for a dear friend I actually like. Except Woon’s bird has chicken feet. But I like the concept. Woon was represented by his dove, a prisoner in a cage in Heuksa Chorong. Chun’s bird was a falcon, a bird of prey. But even after Chun’s death, Woon was trapped. He tried so hard to free himself, even bringing down men of incredible power, saving lives everywhere, but his pure self was alone in a cage.

Trapped in a Cage by debbiechan

Happy 2019.  I have so many phone-calls to catch up on. Government people don’t seem to do anything from Christmas until January 3rd even though they’re supposed to. I’m hitting the ground running, but I will have more time in coming months for fandom stuffs.


Water Clock Mission Update and Something Kinda Funny…..

Water Clock Mission update and something funny….

I’m still laughing about it–the only thing flagged on my Woonietune Tumblr blog during the recent purge/commotion/purifying of content was a drawing of Yoo Seung-ho with an orange tabby from the drama Imagination Cat. Guess Seung-ho looked too cozy with that pussy? Whatever. I heard so many funny tales–that a naked chicken was flagged as porn. My blog was pretty much clean because I only write teh prons; I don’t draw it. Oh yeah, also flagged was a reblog of a gif of Dong-soo grabbing Woon’s ass–but that was canon in the show and kosher for primetime in conservative South Korea, so…. whatever. Homophobic Tumblr.

Update for The Water Clock Mission. Chapter Seven.  Dong-soo is back in the future with Dr. Im. Warning: explicit homosexual sex ahoy. I caved. Imma gonna change the fic’s ratings. Longest chapter yet. Your holiday present, Dong-soo/Woon fandom.

“His Sword Thirsts For Blood”


And since I think I missed posting the last update on this platform, here is chapter six:

“Praying to Myself”

I’ve been through the slings and arrows of misfortune lately. Not only (an expected) death in the family but all sorts of appliances died, and my daughter and I have been sick, sick, sick. Today, as a matter of fact, I’m running fever. I feel miserable. My only consolations have been the Mueller investigations (Does Mueller remind anyone else of Elliot Ness?) and the fangs of justice closing in on the fraudulent, fucktangle presidency of Donald Trump. Oh, and writing BL.

I also drew Dong Mae from Mr. Sunshine. The drawing was popular in his fanclub but not anywhere else. I’m too feverish to draw, but maybe I’ll hallucinate an idea.


Water Clock update, art, more WBDS

Chapter five is up: When You’re Not Here


Dr. Im and Mr. Myung meet again. Push comes to shove. Dong-soo can’t stop thinking about Woon, and Dr. Im has a boyfriend to consider, yet forces are drawing Dr. Im Seo-jun and Mr. Myung Ha-yun closer together. Or is that Dong-soo and Woon closer together?

Sorry for the delay in posting this chapter! There was a death in my family, but coming back to this story feels wonderful. The next chapter will find Dong-soo back in his own Joseon-era times, but how much will things have changed? What will Woon be like when Dong-soo sees him? Chapter Six up next!

I am also going back to tweak some other stories—not much. At least “Sanctuary,” “If You Lie with Me,” and “The Eye is on Fire” need to be fixed to accommodate a canon fact. It was only now pointed out to me that Yeo Woon, at age 12, was branded with an iron by Heuksa Chorong. That scar on his body is relevant to some of my fics. I can’t believe I skipped that scene, but there is a seconds-long moment in the original drama where the poker with the word “black” is brought out to brand the new recruit.

I also now have the two WBDS novels from South Korea, and I plan to do a few tiny translations from them in a future essay. Just need to get un-busy! But fandom stuff is fun.

In past weeks, I did manage to watch more K-dramas (I want to do reviews but who knows when I’ll un-busy myself). After watching a good ole kimchi-western-style Korean movie, Kundo: Beyond Vengeance, with my Woonie plushie, I drew BL.

It was an ink drawing for Inktober, but I thought Dong-soo’s neck looked giraffe-ish, so I fixed it digitally. I know I need to practice drawing more. One of these days I’ll be able to draw Ji Chang Wook as easily as I can Yoo Seung-ho. See, these are my artistic goals.

See ya when I see ya.

New WBDS one-shot/art/plushies

That terrible kiss. Why was it worse than anything else?

The night Woon defeated Chun, it felt like Chun was about to do it again. But he didn’t kiss Woon. As Chun was leaning forward, Woon, in one swift motion, yanked the sword out of Chun’s body. There had been the sounds of one blood drop after another falling from the sword to the earth.

Drop by Drop

Drop by Drop, the Water


This fic is a sequel to a story I didn’t imagine would be so popular: “The Eye is on Fire; Forms are on Fire.”  A dear friend and fan requested a follow-up, but I was hesitant to write Chun/Woon because the subject touched on rape the very week the issue was boiling over the pot during the Kavanaugh hearings in the United States. I find the character of Chun fascinating, though, and Yeo Woon is, of course, my favorite in Warrior Baek Dong-soo. The “Fire” fic also ended on a bleak note and demanded a resolution. Timeline-wise, this fic doesn’t fit into either my  long, chaptered WBDS novels, but psychologically, it PRECEDES “What It Feels Like to Die” because Woon is still a bit messed up.

Pairings: Chun/Woon, Dong-soo/Woon

Trigger warnings, of course. Non-con/dub-con. Rape. Mentions of attempted suicide.

Drop by drop is the water pot filled. Likewise, the wise man, gathering it little by little, fills himself with good.—the Buddha, Dhammapada, 122.

Thank you to the Historical K-drama group for featuring my last two Woon drawings. This one was with gel pens for Inktober. Face is too long for Seung-ho, but for my first time with the colored pens, I’m ok. I’ll try again later with another prompt.

Yeo Woon Inktober 2018 Prompt Precious by debbiechan

Thank you to the WBDS fans who have been in touch with me this week. It’s nice to talk to all of you. I know we’re an obsessive fandom and a mostly frustrated and sad one. Today is Yeo Woon’s yahrzeit (that’s what we Jews call the anniversary of someone’s death). Been seven years now since the show aired and I talk to so many fans who are. not. over. it.

Have some plushies. I bought the boys a little teeny Korean dinner setting for them to enjoy during gourd season.

Tired. I know this post goes from trauma rape to inkies to dollies. This week has likewise been a helluva rollercoaster in the U.S.  As always, I feel very buoyed by the support of friends overseas who seem to understand American politics better than most Americans.

Thank you to everyone who’s been around for me lately.

Oh. I had some makgeolli for the first time recently. I thought it would taste like crap because it’s fermented rice wine, but it was light and very pleasant.

Water Clock Mission update & fanart

Oy gevalt, the Kavanaugh hearings in my country have me in a perpetual state of rage. Just when I think I’m calming down, I feel murderous again. I’ve lived long enough to say I haven’t seen anything like what’s going down in the Supreme Court ever. My husband is a Supreme Court junkie, a former prospective law student (he studied philosophy instead of law, but to this day he comes up with rebuttals to rebuttals I wish he would print). I can’t write well lately; yesterday, I considered beheading a perfectly benign snake who looked big enough to eat my beloved carp in my pond–I was in a that castrating of a mood. Poor snake slithered away when I yelled at it. Not a year ago, my sister and I killed a water moccasin near the same pond–she whacked it with a hoe and I cut its head off with a pair of garden shears. If only getting rid of the Patriarchy that infects men, women, all levels of society, were as easy as chopping up one snake, but never under-estimate the power of angry women.

I did manage to get half my housework done, put off crucial chores, and finish a fandom request this past couple weeks. And to dote on my avatar, Yeo Woon. I have more serious pieces on feminism, gender relations, being a bitch on social media, etc, in the works, but in the meantime, I’ve been on the phone, testing my patience with the government peoples and policing my own tone in order not to reveal the crazed enraged woman I truly am.

Update for the time travel story: The Water Clock Mission Chapter Four

Summary: Dong-soo is back at the warrior camp on the evening the Sky Lord attacks it. Woon doesn’t seem quite like the twelve-year-old Dong-soo remembers growing up with, and the nature of time-travel is mysterious and foggy. Why can’t he stop thinking about Dr. Im?

Coming up soon: A one-shot for friend’s birthday, a request for Chun/Woon that is a sequel of sorts to a piece that surprised me with how popular it was, “The Eye is on Fire; Forms are on Fire”  I expected the story to be off-putting because unlike others with deal peripherally with rape, this one is more explicit. It was less than cathartic to write the sequel–more of an intellectual exercise. I’ve also got a fandom essay about the writer of Warrior Baek Dong-soo‘s novelization (which was sold while the series was still running) in which Woon didn’t die, but I need to think about it some more, and my Korean isn’t good enough to reference my sources without help.  And… haha, my daughter’s sitter, who works at an equine therapy ranch, wanted to cosplay as Woon on a horse–we attempted that one day, but my daughter was nervous around the horses, and we’ll try again later. Should be fun.

In the meantime, I’m still drawing Woonie. Some pictures I like more than others. Joseon clothing will be the death of me. I plan to do at least one drawing for the artist event, Inktober, and I will soon have some WBDS art from friends to show.

I’m grateful (and surprised) by fandom support I’ve received lately from people around the world in response to stories on AO3 and little things published elsewhere. I thought the fandom was tiny, but it’s very devoted. I get texts and emails; I’ve been ghosted by two fans (I’m always so nervous when people do that–did they read gossip about me? Did they die?) but for the most part, the WBDS fandom is so incredibly nice. I’m enjoying it so much. It’s gloomy (well, suicide and all), but so supportive of writers and artists.

Fly Like that Bird by debbiechan

The Water Clock Mission: Chapter Three


The Water Clock Mission: Chapter Three “Doctor Im”


Dong-soo meets Woon in 21st century America where Woon is a doctor, not an assassin. Sparks fly.

To be continued. The next chapter finds Heuksa Chorong attacking the camp with the intent of killing the Crown Prince. I’ll try to get these chapters out as fast as possible, but Real Life keeps delaying me. See you again.  I appreciate your comments and communications. It’s always nice to meet new fans of this pairing. The seventh anniversary of Warrior Baek Dong-soo’s final episode is this October 10.

More fandom stuffs:

I illustrated a part of Errichii’s story in which Woon disguises himself as a woman.

Woon in a Hanbok by debbiechan

My friend Nikola P. did an illustration first! It’s a meme?

AND ISN’T MR. SUNSHINE AWESOME? I’ll reserve judgement as to if it’s my very favorite television sageuk until the last two episodes. It’s certainly gorgeous. So many great characters. I wasn’t moved by Eugene Choi at first, but this weekend he gave me so many first generation immigrant feels. DONG MAE! He’s my fave. I love his type–I got Bidam and Woon vibes from him, but ah… Dong Mae is such a real man. A samurai, baby.

The Water Clock Mission: update

Chapter 2: The Boys and the Sky Lord

The water clock has sent Dong-soo back to a time right before Woon’s recruitment by the Sky Lord. Can Dong-soo keep his emotions in check this time and save Woon from what Yeo Cho-sang foretold as a dark Destiny?

To be continued in chapter three, “Doctor Im.” I expect that this fic will be as long as “If You Lie with Me” or “Sanctuary,” but the chapters will be shorter.

Still writing. Should have a WBDS surprise for fans in a couple weeks, I hope.